Double Rafter Cattle Drives

An Authentic 1880’s Cattle Drive

Welcome to Double Rafter Cattle Drives! Here, it's the real deal. Compared to us, City Slickers is a pony ride! We promise you the camping trip of a lifetime.

Out here on the range, we give you reality. We don't schedule phony stampedes, cloudbursts, blizzards, rodeos, wagon wrecks, or brush fires... they happen all on their own! Take a look throughout the site and give us a holler when you're ready to saddle up! announced their 2018/2019 Signature Ranch Awards, and Double Rafter Cattle Drives is proud to be on more than one of their lists! For more, visit announces Double Rafter Cattle Drives as esteemed Award Winner in their inaugural Ranch Vacation Awards of Excellence, 2015!

Top ten reasons why camping with Double Rafter is Better than staying in a hotel.

By H.J. Siegel, July 2010

10. You do not have to remember to lock your room door.
9. There is no need to set the room thermostat.
8. You do not have to worry that the water boiler will break down.
7. People cannot bother you with work by email or cell phone.
6. There is free 24/7 emergency medical care just minutes away, and no insurance card needed.
5. There is no extra charge for unlimited beer.
4. You never have to flush.
3. You have no need to request wake-up calls; they are provided automatically.
2. You have a daily chance to win the use of special white saddlebags.
1. You never have to wonder what you will have for lunch.